New Provider Training Schedule for 2009

LifeSkills Provider Training Workshops prepare teachers, school counselors, prevention specialists, community youth educators, and other program providers to effectively implement the state-of-the-art prevention education activities and teaching strategies found in the Botvin LifeSkills Training program with confidence and fidelity.

Each LifeSkills Provider Training Workshop plays an important role in enhancing the confidence and skill capacity of participants, resulting in optimal implementation of the LifeSkills Training program.

LifeSkills Provider Training workshops are designed to:

  1. Review the background theory, research and rationale behind the LifeSkills Training program
  2. Familiarize participants with the LifeSkills curriculum
  3. Teach participants the skills needed to successfully conduct the LifeSkills Training program
  4. Discuss practical implementation issues
  5. Provide an opportunity to practice teaching selected portions of the LifeSkills curriculum.

LifeSkills Provider Training workshops can be delivered on-site or through open training workshops sponsored by NHPA.  Click here to learn more about training opportunities in your area.


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