Funding Opportunity: New Grant Announcement

Below is a funding opportunity that may be applicable for the Botvin LifeSkills Training program.

Friday is the last day to apply for substance-abuse-prevention grants through the 24-Hour Relay Grant Committee.

Funds will come from September’s 24-Hour Relay Challenge and the 2008 Independence Hop & Heritage Festival.

They are administered through the Community Fund of the Monmouth-Independence Community Foundation of Oregon.

The 24-Hour Relay Challenge’s mission is to encourage a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle for youths in the Monmouth-Independence community in Oregon. Grant preferences will be given to groups and activities that share the principles of the 24-Hour Relay Challenge mission.

Qualifications include programs, projects or activities that address the problem of drug and alcohol use among youths and/or promote positive choices. Some programs benefit select groups, but others will benefit the community as a whole. Both types of projects are welcome, but preference is given to those that benefit more people.

Application deadline: Friday, 1/30/09

For information, contact:

 Bob Archer or Marilyn Morton

24-Hour Relay Committee

194 S Main St., P.O. Box 535

Independence, OR 97351

 e-mail or


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