Mass. Hospital Association to Stop Hiring Tobacco Users reports on the Massachusetts Hospital Association plan to stop hiring tobacco users. The Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) will stop hiring people who use tobacco as of January 1, The Daily Item reported Nov. 9.

The new policy will not apply to MHA’s existing employees. “The goal of our organization is to heal people. I care about my workforce very much and I want them to be healthy,” said Lynn Nicholas, MHA’s president and CEO.

Nicholas added that tobacco-related health problems cost Massachusetts six billion dollars a year, and 8,000 people die there annually from tobacco-related illnesses. She said, “I think people forget about the statistics…”

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One Response to Mass. Hospital Association to Stop Hiring Tobacco Users

  1. jelzmar says:

    I’m not a smoker, but that should be illegal. You can’t choose not to hire someone based on something they do in their spare time. You can demand that they don’t smoke at work, but you cannot dictate what they are allowed or not allowed to do on their own time.

    I can’t believe anyone would support this. Why would anyone want to just give all their rights away? People died to give us privacy and the freedom to do what we want with our lives.


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