Funding Announcement: Grant Opportunity

Texas 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Cycle 7, Year 1

Grant: to provide opportunities beyond the normal school day for communities to establish or expand activities in community learning centers that (1) provide opportunities for academic enrichment (2) offer students a broad array of additional services, programs, and activities such as youth development activities; drug- and violence-prevention programs; (3) offer families of students served by community learning centers opportunities for literacy and related educational development.

Funder: Title IV, Part B, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

Eligibility: LEAs, ISDs, open-enrollment charter schools, ESCs, CBOs, and other public or private entities, nonprofit agencies, city or county government agencies, faith-based organizations, IHEs, and for-profit corporations.

Deadline: February 15, 2011

Amount: Multiple awards ranging from a minimum of $50,000 for the 2011–2012 project period

Contact: contact Candace Ferguson, Division of School Readiness and Partnerships, TEA, (512) 463-5619or


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