Girls Vulnerable to Effects of Binge Drinking

A recent study has shown that girls in particular can become vulnerable to the effects of binge drinking. Research suggests that binge drinking can affect spatial working memory, which is related to the ability to perceive the space around one’s self. Binge drinking during early teen years can severely affect adolescent brain maturity, especially the frontal regions.

The study was done on 95 teens and found that girls who participated in binge drinking had less activation of the brain compared to girls who did not drink during a spatial working memory test that was conducted on those teens studied. Boys were also involved in the study and although boys who were involved in binge-drinking also showed less brain activation during these tests, it was far less than girls.
It is safe to say that alcohol and other substances can truly affect males and females differently, especially when consumed at an early age when the brain is still in the processing of maturing. To read more of the study click here.



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