Survey shows teens abusing prescription drugs

A study was done by researchers at the University of Michigan on close to 3,000 middle school and high school students. The study involved a web-based survey on medication such as “sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants and opioid painkillers” according to Reuters.

The study concluded that 22% of students who took medication abused them within the past year. In terms of “abusing” drugs, that meant that they took too much at one time or more than the suggested dosage, intentionally wanted to get high, or increased dosage to increase the affects of other drugs or alcohol.

To read more statistics on the survey conducted click here.

Teens abusing prescription drugs is not a new discovery, considering that teen drug abuse has been considered an epidemic by several health organizations. Back in 2007, the White House published an analysis on teens and the rising prescription drug abuse issue. To read the document, click here.

Even well into 2010, teens were still using prescribed medications for the wrong reasons. An ABC News report from 2010 showed the effects of prescription drug abuse and how recovering teens sought help.


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