Prevention, a path for a healthier and stronger nation

October 5, 2011

R. Gil Kerlikowske posted an article about the positive attributes prevention programs can bring to communities. “I stand with President Obama in commemorating National Substance Abuse Prevention Month,” he said. He also added how substance abuse not only affects those suffering from it, but it also affects families, friends, and even the health care and judicial systems.

With the help and funding of evidence-based prevention programs, the United States could save more money preventing addiction than letting it happen in the first place. According to Kerlikowske, substance abuse costs the United States roughly $193 billion in health and legal costs. This amounts to even more debt that the economy has to worry about.

Although preventing substance abuse does not happen overnight, Kerlikowske offered some ways in which families and communities can get involved in the fight against substance abuse:

  • Talk to students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol
  • Discard of old or expired prescription medicine bottles
  • Research local prevention coalitions and resources around your area

To read Kerlikowske’s post on the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy page, click here.

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