New report by the CDC on excessive drinking expenses

The CDC reported that excessive drinking of alcohol in 2006 cost the United States $746 per person totaling to $223.5 billion. Here are the statistics of the costs that researchers found were due to excessive drinking:

  • 72% loss of workplace productivity
  • 11% health care costs
  • 9% law enforcement costs
  • 6% motor vehicle costs

Pain and suffering were not calculated in these costs so researchers believe that their numbers underestimated.

Another observation researchers found was that about 42% of all economic costs of excessive drinking $94.2 billion  “borne by federal, state, and local governments.” This totaled to about $94.2 billion. Similarly, 41.5% of economic costs of excessive drinking was “borne by excessive drinkers and their family members,” equaling to a close $92.9 billion. Although the government took care of a majority of the costs, excessive drinkers suffered more due to a decline in workplace productivity and lower household incomes.

Read full article here.


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