Help Fight Proposed Cuts to Drug Free Communities

The President requested in his 2013 fiscal year budget to cut funding for the Drug Free Communities (DFC) program by $3.4 million. He also requested for th 2012 fiscal year that the $92 million in funds be cut down to $88.6 million.

Take part in the fight to prevent these cuts from happening by asking your local members of Congress to stabilize the funding level of $92 mililon for the DFC program for the 2013 fiscal year. Be sure to sign the “Dear Colleague” letter Representatives Levin, Cummings, Carnahan and Bass are circulating in support for maximum funding.

Another critical part of showing support for maximum DFC funding is to fax your “Dear Colleague” letter to your members of Congress.

Please be sure to show your support for maximum DFC funding and send in these faxed letters as soon as possible. For more information on how you can help and send in your faxed “Dear Colleague” letter, click here.


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