Six European nations studied on the influence of alcohol in movies and its affect on teens

A study was conducted by Reiner Hanewinkel, PhD on the affect alcohol in movies had on teens. The study was conducted in six different European nations – Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Scotland – on over 16,000 students ages 10 to 19. The students were asked to which 50 movies were popular in their native countries that they have seen. Researchers then recorded the number of times characters consumed alcohol in each film. A majority of the films viewed (86% of them) had at least one scene involving alcohol.

The researchers also recorded the students’ exposure to alcohol in their daily lives and if that had any correlation to the drinking they saw in films. According to the study, “between 10 to 20 percent of students who viewed the least on-screen drinking had binged themselves, compared with 40 percent who had seen the most on-screen drinking.”

However, researchers took into account other factors such as the students’ academic records, family life, and risk-taking behavior. Hanewinkel said teens “have seen at least thousands of impressions of smoking and drinking, so it shapes their attitude that these kinds of behavior are adult-like behavior.”

A similar study was conducted in the past on American teens that showed similar results.

To read the full article on the Hanewinkel’s study, click here.


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