Safety tips parents can give their teens on prom safety

Laura McMullen wrote an article for on how parents can address the importance of safety when it comes to prom this spring. Along with prom comes planning, excitement, and associations with risky behavior. Whether the expectations of your teen’s prom is unclear or not, be sure to use some of McMullen’s helpful tips on safety on prom night…

1) Initiate the conversation – be sure to note how exciting your teen may be about prom but be sure the conversation transitions to topics of safety. It is best to save this conversation on a not-so-busy prom planning day.

2) Make a safety plan – be sure to have a plan for any situation that may arise on prom night. Reassure your teen that he/she will be able to contact you if a risky situation comes up. Establish a curfew and be sure he/she check-ins frequently of his/her whereabouts and plans.

3) Watch the tone – Do not talk down to your teens about the dangers and scary possibilities that could happen on prom night. Prom is a night they want to remember in a good way, not a bad one. D’Arcy Lyness, a child and adolescent psychologist says, “The middle ground is where you exercise your parental responsibility of declaring firm, clear guidelines in a caring way […] not punitive, not harsh, [but] positive expectations.”

To read the full article and to read more important information about prom safety, click here.



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