Ecstasy and Speed Use Linked to Depression in Teens

A new study was conducted on teenagers who did Ecstasy and speed (methamphetamine and/or amphetamine) showed a higher risk of developing symptoms of depression. The study was conducted on more than 3,000 10th grade students in Quebec who did either speed or Ecstasy. The study showed a 60 to 70 percent risk in symptoms of depression a year after the study was conducted. Those students who did both Ecstasy and speed showed twice the risk of developing symtoms of depression.

Researchers believe that the drugs could have a potential effect on the hormone levels that control mood. Another possible reason for the link, researchers said, was that teens who did the drugs could have been influenced by other users with issues of their own.

Frédéric N. Brière of the University of Montreal and co-author of the study said, “Our findings are consisten with other human and animal studies that suggest long-term negative influences of synthetic drug use.”

Click here to read the full article.

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