Online Tool Measures Youth Exposure to Alcohol Ads on Radio

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) developed a new tool that is able to measure the impact of radio alcohol advertisements on youth between the ages of 12 and 20. Experts know that alcohol advertising has a significant impact on youth people and their decision to drink, which allows this tool to measure youth exposure to alcohol in 75 different media markets.

In 2003, alcohol distributers agreed to only place alcohol advertisements in media channels where youth only consisted of 30 percent or less of the total audience. However, the National Research Council, the Institute of Medicine, and a several other groups and officials believe that the alcohol industry should strengthen its standards by changing the percentage to 15 percent.

The online tool measure three markets:

1) the percent of alcohol ads out of compliance with the 30 percent standard,

2) the percent which exceeds the 15 percent proportional standard, and

3) “youth exposure” – how many ads in each market were more likely to be heard by youth per capita than by adults.

To read the full article and access the online tool, click here.


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