Coalitions celebrating Cinco de Mayo “con orgullo”

Coalitions in San Francisco, San Leandro, Los Angeles, San Diego and Arizona will be hosting Cinco de Mayo fiestas “con orgullo,” which mean without alcohol or tobacco.

Many people believe Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican Independence Day but it’s not. It celebrates an army of Mexican peasants defeating French forces on May 5, 1862 in Puebla, Mexico.

Portia Dawson, chair of the Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo coalition in San Diego, California said, “linking cultural holidays to alcohol sends a dangerous message to children and impedes their understanding of the true meaning of these important historic celebrations.”

The coalition, along with a CADCA member and National Coalition Academy graduates work throughout the year to address alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse problems that continue to affect youth and families. This work is done in part with the Hands Off Holidays Campaign. The coalition works to create alcohol-free events for Cinco de Mayo. The coalition does not seek sponsorship from alcohol vendors.

To learn more about Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo, click here.


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