Urge Your Senators to Protect the Prevention and Public Health Fund

CADCA released a Legislative Alert today for people to urge their local senators to protect the Prevention and Public Health Fund…


The Senate is expected to vote on a bill TOMORROW that could target the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPH Fund) as an offset for extending the current federal student loan rate. The House has already approved legislation that cuts $5.9 billion from the PPH Fund to pay for the extension of the current loan rate.

The PPH Fund is a critical component of healthcare reform. Using the fund to pay for student loans threatens money that has been set aside to support programs such as the Community Transformation Grants, which support community-level efforts to reduce chronic diseases. Many states and territories have utilized these funds to expand their tobacco free living initiatives.

Cutting the PPH Fund could potentially limit the funds available to support these efforts.


Ask your senators to refrain from using the PPH to pay for extending the student loan rate.

Using CADCA’s CapWiz system, fax the sample letter CADCA has prepared. The more letters your senators receive, the less likely they are to use the PPH Fund as an offset for extending the student loan rate.


Please fax your senators IMMEDIATELY.

CADCA’s fax system allows you to automatically fax CADCA’s sample letter on this issue to your senators from CADCA’s website. To send faxes, go to http://capwiz.com/cadca/home/. 

If you would like to personalize your letter with examples from your community, please email lhouff@cadca.org for a MS Word version of the sample letter.


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