New study shows treating teens with depression could reduce future drug abuse

A new study that had been conducted over a period of five years on nearly 200 teenagers across the United States suggested that treatment for depression could reduce odds of developing a drug addiction in the future. The teens studied suffered from depression and were treated for depression during a twelve week period. Forms of treatment involved, “cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, a combination of treatments, or a placebo” (Health24).

Duke University research John Curry believed that medication, coginitive-behavioral therapy, support and further education may have been factors in keeping a majority of the study participants off of drugs.

After the twelve week period, 10 percent of the teens abused drugs. 25 percent of the teens continued to suffer from depression even with continued treatment.

However, the study did show that depression treatment surprisingly did not have an effect on alcohol abuse. Alcohol disorders are prevalent during that particular age period where teens are beginning to experiment with underage drinking.

To read the full article, click here.


One Response to New study shows treating teens with depression could reduce future drug abuse

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