LifeSkills Training and Education Performance

LST was featured in the Spring 2012 edition of Better Evidence-based education. This newsletter is co-created by the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York (United Kingdom) and Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD).

Kenneth Griffin and Gilbert Botvin discuss how LST is not only effective in preventing adolescent substance abuse and violence, but also promotes educational performance.

They discussed the LST approach, which is based in the classroom, and teaches both personal and social skills to students ranging from grades 3 to 12.

The extensive article goes over the components of the LST program as well as the outcomes it has on youth. The components consist of three skills that can help students academically perform to their full potential.

The article also discusseds how LST produces positive educational outcomes related to school attendance, handling academic pressures, and engaging with teachers and peers.

To read the full article and to learn about the authors (Griffin and Botvin), click here.


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