Study suggests liquor ads on TV encourage binge drinking

A study suggests that seeing television advertisements that promote drinking as early as seventh grade can lead to alcohol-related problems.

According to lead researcher of the study and associate professor in the School of Community and Global Health at Claremont Graduate University in California Jerry Grenard, “exposure to alcohol advertising in seventh grade and liking those alcohol advertisements on television is associated with higher levels of drinking in the eighth and ninth grades.”

Alcohol-related problems Grenard suggested were: “failing to do homework, attending school drunk, passing out and getting into fights.”

In Grenard’s study, he recruited almost 4,000 seventh graders and asked them about their use with beer, wine, or liquor and their exposure to advertisements on television related to those alcoholic beverages. Grenard’s research team continued to study these students through 10th grade. The study showed that the more ads the seventh graders watched, the more they enjoyed them. The more they enjoyed the advertisements, the more they drank as they got older. Grenard found this prevalent in seventh grade girls who were more likely to drink. Boys who watched these advertisements were more likely to develop alcohol-related problems.

To read the entire study, click here.

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