Use of Marijuana in College Increases Chances of Dropping Out

A new study suggests that using marijuana in college increases the likelihood of leaving school. The study involved 1, 133 college students, who were followed for four years. The researchers found students who used marijuana more than 17 days a month were twice as likely to have an enrollment gap compared to those who used marijuana less that a day per month. The study also showed that students who used marijuana three to twelve days a month were also likely to have an enrollment gap.

Continous enrollment was defined as “being enrolled in college for at least one credit during each fall and spring semester for the first four years,” according to the study. Lead researcher Dr. Amelia Arria, Director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health said, “We wanted to look at whether or not drug use interferes with goals students had set for themselves. Our results show that marijuana use is not a benign thing.”

Dr. Arria also found that students who experience symptoms of depression and seek treatment in college also show a risk of an enrollment gap if they use marijuana and other illegal drugs in the process.

To read more about the study, click here.



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