New Study Shows Harmful Effects by Cinnamon Challenge

Last year, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received 139 calls regarding cinnamon. They issued a warning concerning the ever so popular “Cinnamon Challenge”. The challenge consisted of teenagers and young adults attempting to swallow a large quantity of cinnamon while posting the entire visual on viral video streaming sites such as YouTube.

After gaining thousands of views on YouTube, doctors of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, write in Pediatric journals that attempting this stunt may develop long-lasting lesions, scarring and inflammation of the airway, and even lung damage. At least 30 people who took the cinnamon challenge required medical attention, including ventilator support for collapsed lungs.

Report author Steven Lipshultz states “Given the allure of social media, peer pressure and a trendy new fad, pediatricians and parents have a ‘challenge’ of their own in counseling tweens and teens regarding the sensibilities of the choices they make and the potential health risks of this dare,”. The presence of social media and it’s influences our younger generation can easily shed bad light due to stunts such as the Cinnamon Challenge.



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