Research Shows Early Prevention Signs Between Parents and Children via Dialogue

Early talks about the ills of tobacco and alcohol use can be more powerful to teens than advertising, marketing or peer pressure as stated by a marketing researcher from the  University of Texas at Arlington.

Associate Professor Zhiyong Yang most current work, “Demarketing teen tobacco and alcohol use: Negative peer influence and longitudinal roles of parenting and self-esteem,” argues that parental influence is a powerful tool in dissuading children from smoking and drinking in their later teen years.

The purpose of marketing products is being able to find the ability to market more products to the same individuals otherwise known as cross selling. But having parental influence is key in preventing early on substance abuse along with tobacco and alcohol usage. The words of a mother or father tend to resonate deeply over any other form of social media or peer pressure and can ultimately lead to lower smoking rates and lower substance abuse rates within our younger generation.


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