How to Apply for the Safe Schools/Healthy Students State Program

There is a strong need for the creation of safe school environments to protect our youth of today. The Safe School/Health Students State program aims to create safer and more supportive schools and communities by awarding $14 million in grants to develop strong partnerships among key community systems.

This grant enables state agencies/tribes to select three local education agencies to help bring the SS/HS model of partnership to scale at the state/tribe level.  An estimated seven awards will be granted, totaling up to $2.2 million annually for four years for each awarded.

Eligible applicants include the State Education Agency (SEA) or State Mental Health Authority in states, territories and the District of Columbia, and federally recognized American Indian/Alaskan Native Tribes and Tribal organizations.

The SS/HS Initiative has an extensive history of funding local education agencies that support community partnerships that bring together key agencies that serve children and youth. Sponsored by SAMHSA, there is an emphasis on mental and behavioral health, in addition to violence prevention.

Three local pilot communities will partner to develop and implement a comprehensive plan. The selected communities and their state/tribe will use grant funds to improve collaboration across all child, youth and family servicing organization.

This process should focus on school-based and community-wide strategies to prevent violence and promote the health development of children and youth. Some examples include workshops hosted at school sites by local law enforcement officer on violence prevention and safety issues along with a facilitated session for students and parents, led by a law enforcement officer, to share strategies on drug abuse prevention at a local high school.

This grant has led to the reduction of violence on school grounds and an increase in the number of students receiving school and community-based mental health services.

Required Grant Elements must be Addressed at the Local Level

1. Promoting Early Childhood Social and Emotional Learning and Development

2. Promoting Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Health.

3. Connecting Family, Schools and Communities.

4. Preventing Behavioral Health Problems.

5. Creating Safe and Violence-Free Schools.

Grant Deadline Is Quickly Approaching
Interested state agencies and tribes must act quickly. The grant deadline is July 1, 2013. For more information, visit the SAMHSA site at and complete the Request for Application (RFA).



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