Help Spread the Word: $1 Billion Opportunity Could Help Integrate Prevention Into Healthcare

One of the goals of the $1 billion funding program offered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) is to help pay for new health-care models that integrate prevention measures to keep people healthy with high-quality, cost-effective treatment.

A key funding category will award grants to “models that improve the health of populations” and emphasize clinical-community partnerships, wellness, and prevention. The program will help support the kinds of prevention strategies that many CMMI partners have been developing for years. Last Friday, Prevention Institute, Public Health Institute and Trust for America’s Health co-hosted a webinar on the opportunities the CMMI funding program presents for advancing community prevention. It was attended by over 700 people.

CMMI will consider proposals based on the partnerships that can include but not limited to community-based organizations and coalitions, research institutions and local governments as well as provider groups, hospitals, and insurers to support health improvement efforts that take place outside of clinic walls.

In order to be eligible to apply, applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by 3pm EDT on June 28th. The letter is available here. The application process requires a substantial level of detail along with the submission of the Letter of Intent being a non-binding document to submit a full proposal or keep you from changing its focus. Nonetheless it is still required in order to have the option to apply. If a large number of strong applications are submitted, it will reinforce that improving population health is a top priority.



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