Targeting Impulsive Adolescents May Reduce Problem Drinking

Medical News Today has showed a recent study that young people with impulsive tendencies are more prone to drinking heavily at an early age. The study was conducted at the University of Liver Pool.

Some traits that were targeted within the research such as impulsivity, could be used as a successful intervention tool in preventing adolescent drinking from developing into problems with alcohol later in life.

“Our results show that more impulsive individuals are more likely to start drinking heavily in the future compared to less impulsive individuals. The next steps are to take these results and apply them to prevention interventions that are tailored to individual characteristics, such as impulsivity,” said Professor Matt Field, from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Psychology Health and Society.

Previous research has suggested that impulsive behavior is linked with adolescent drinking, but it is still unclear whether young people who are impulsive tend to drink more, or whether drinking while the brain is still developing is particularly harmful and can lead to the progression of impulsive behaviors.

Read full article here


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