Is your phone stressing you out?

Today, people consume three times as much information daily as they did in 1960. In fact, according to researchers at University of California, San Diego, 61% of people claim that they can’t ignore their electronic devices and must check them at least hourly. A similar number of people also claim that they have felt depressed or sad after checking their social media accounts. Additionally, 73% of people believe that their electronic device use has caused unnecessary stress in their life.

If you find yourself constantly checking your Facebook page, Twitter, or email and get stressed because you’re worried you’re missing something, here are some tips to help you cut the cord of dependency on your device.

· Create a phone-free zone in your house. Whether it’s the kitchen table or the family room, choose a space within your home that is phone-free and make it a zone to connect with family members.

· Leave your phone at home for a short time each day. When you run an errand or take a walk, opt to leave your phone at home and see how much more relaxed you feel.

· If you go out to dinner, have everyone stack their cell phones on the table. The first person to check their phone has to pick up the tab (or the tip)!

· Track your mood. Write down or make mental notes of how you felt before and after checking your electronic device. This will give you some insight on where your stress stems from.

· Create a positive Twitter newsfeed. Block people you don’t like on your Facebook newsfeed. Unfollow people who crowd your Twitter account with angry tweets. You can search positive hashtags, such as #happy or #goodday, to see related accounts, pictures, videos, and tweets. Also if you’re in the mood to laugh, there are some great accounts that post daily cat videos and pictures of puppies!

These tips will allow you to prevent yourself from getting upset over your phone and let you, not your phone, control your own life.



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