Flavored Tobacco Under Attack Around the World

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) stated on World No Tobacco Day (May 31, 2013) that Europe should ban flavored tobacco products as well as change cigarette packaging. These flavored products target children and teenagers, make the tobacco more pleasant to inhale, and greatly improve the taste. The ESC spokesperson states, “The earlier one starts smoking, the more damage the smoke does.” The ESC is also calling for the packaging on tobacco products to be at least 75% covered with health warnings.

Because of the shrinking number of older users, the tobacco companies are trying to target a new audience: youth. The American Cancer Society (ACS) is urging New York State to become the first state to ban the sale of tobacco targeted at youth, such as:

  • sweet-flavored small cigars
  • chewing tobacco
  • loose tobacco

ACS states that flavors such as gummy bear, pink berry, and chocolate tobacco are designed to be attractive to children and are just as unhealthy as cigarettes.

Restrictions on flavored tobacco sales have been put in place in New York City and Providence, Rhode Island; however, no state has yet made it a law.




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