Smoking Myths and Realities

LifeSkills Training lesson, Smoking Myths and Realities, helps to dissipate a lot of the myths surrounding tobacco use by providing actual statistics that reveal that fewer and fewer people are beginning to smoke. These myths expose facts such as how many people smoke, the reasons why people do smoke and the immediate and long-term consequences of smoking.

Myth: Cigarette smoking is not as dangerous as some people say.

Reality: Most health experts agree that cigarette smoking is one of the most serious causes of death and disability in this country.


Myth: It’s easy to quit smoking.

Reality: Most people are unsuccessful at quitting smoking, even though about 50 percent of all smokers have tried to quit at least once.


Myth: Smoking is not something I will have to worry about until I’m old.

Reality: Smoking is something that hurts you now. It hurts you physically by decreasing your ability to perform strenuous activities, elevating carbon monoxide levels and decreasing endurance, staining teeth and fingers, affecting your sense of taste, causing you to smell like smoke, and costing thousands of dollars a year.


Myth: Most people smoke cigarettes.

Reality: Relatively few people smoke cigarettes and even fewer are likely to smoke in the future.


Myth: Smoking is cool and sophisticated.

Reality: Smoking has become socially unacceptable in most places.


Myth: Organic and natural cigarettes are healthier than regular ones.

Reality: There are no healthy cigarettes. “Natural” and organic cigarettes still contain nicotine and produce tar and carbon monoxide. All of these are harmful to the lungs

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