National Wellness Week 2013


This year National Wellness Week falls on September 16th through the 22nd. Below you will find the 2013 Schedule of dimensions to be held throughout the week.

National Wellness Week 2013 Schedule

Monday, September 16

Overview of Eight Dimensions
Overarching activities about SAMHSA’s Wellness Initiative, National Wellness Week, and how the Eight Dimensions help people recover and build resilience, especially when confronted with traumatic, mental health, or substance use challenges.

Tuesday, September 17

Physical Dimension
Activities promoting healthy behaviors, including smoking cessation, physical activity, nutrition, adequate sleep, and safe medication use.

Wednesday, September 18

Intellectual Dimension
Activities encouraging individuals to participate in the Artistic Expression for Wellness national activity, such as writing poetry or developing artwork. Also, messages inspiring creativity and mentally stimulating activities, such as writing poetry or teaching others about one’s area of interest.

  • Artistic Expression for Wellness national activity

Thursday, September 19

Spiritual Dimension
Activities encouraging incorporating pursuits such as meditation, prayer, or music into one’s efforts to enhance recovery.

Friday, September 20

Social and Emotional Dimensions
Activities encouraging individuals to join the Line Dance for Wellness in communities across the country. Dancing is a great stress reliever and also provides social interaction. Individuals can also incorporate the social and emotional dimensions in a variety of other ways, such as volunteering, joining a book club, or simply spending more time with family and friends.

  • Line Dance for Wellness national activity

Saturday, September 21

Financial and Occupational Dimensions
Activities promoting tips and support on how to manage one’s finances. Encouraging individuals to explore work opportunities that will provide satisfaction in their lives.

  • Financial dimension national activity (please check back periodically for more information).

Sunday, September 22

Environmental Dimension
Activities promoting ways individuals can improve healthy environmental surroundings to support their physical and mental health.

To get on the map of activities nationwide, email SAMHSA at with your:

  • Name
  • Contact number and email for general questions*
  • Organization and Web site, if applicable*
  • Description of your planned activity*
  • Time, date, and location of your planned activity*
  • Any other comments or questions about National Wellness Week



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