Teens support plain packaging of cigarettes

Here’s an interesting comparison of teenage views on tobacco packaging in Australia and the UK. Whereas Australia has uniform plain brown packaging with simple brand names and graphic health warnings, plain packaging proposals in the UK were dropped amidst heated political controversy. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) survey of 13-18-year-olds in the UK and Australia found that only 36% of UK teenagers sampled were deterred by current packs compared to 48% in Australia. Teenage support for such plain packaging was also strong, 77% in UK and 59% in Australia. ‘Worryingly’, the BHF also reported that 10% of British teenagers thought some cigarette brands were healthier than others – double the percentage of their Australian counterparts. A cross-party group in the UK House of Lords is currently pressing the Conservative led Coalition Government to re-introduce the measures. In a related packaging story, the Irish Health Minister is defying a massive campaign and legal threat from the tobacco industry regarding the introduction of plain tobacco packaging.

Source: http://preventionhub.org/prevention-update/teens-support-plain-packaging-cigarettes


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