$15k Grants for Life Skills Programs

September 3, 2014

Peyback Foundation – Grants for Programs which Directly Benefit Economically Disadvantaged Youth

Deadline: Feb. 1, 2015

“The PeyBack Foundation focuses primarily on economically disadvantaged youth. Emphasis is placed on programs that have a direct benefit to children through relationships and activities. Programs that are intended to enrich the lives of disadvantaged youth through activities conducted outside the typical school day (i.e., after-school and summer programming) are particularly favored by the Foundation. Our field of interest is in youth development. This includes:

Leadership and Life Skills – We are interested in supporting interactive programs that develop leadership skills and enhance character. Examples of programs: teaching youth how to identify their career or educational goal so they can become self sufficient; or programs that teach respect of self and others and provide cultural opportunities.

Mentoring โ€“ We are interested in programs that provide a caring adult who is working with disadvantaged youth. Programs include homework assistance, character building, improving self-esteem and confidence. The Foundation is interested in funding activities and programs that occur within the mentoring relationship, not adult volunteer training or recruitment.

After School/Summer Programming โ€“ The Foundation is especially interested in supporting programs that occur outside of a typical school day; i.e. after-school and summer programming.

Healthy Living โ€“ We are interested in programs that engage youth in physical activity and provide nutritious snacks and/or meals for youth participants. Consideration will be provided to programs that supply the necessary tools for a child to succeed educationally outside of the typical school environment.”

Funder: The PeyBack Foundation

Eligibility: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations operating in Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, and Tennessee… “It is mandatory that grant applications come from organizations that work with children who are economically disadvantaged. Organizations must work with children between the ages of 6-18. The PeyBack Foundation will provide funding to support program-specific expenses, not general administrative expenses of an organization.”

Amount: Up to $15,000

via Peyback Foundation ยป Grant Program.

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