Grants for Afterschool Programs Now Available

January 28, 2016
Funding Alert   

Grant: Many states around the country are conducting competitions to award 21st Century Community Learning Center grants. The funding is available through the federal 21st CCLC program, which is designed to provide academic enrichment opportunities, drug and violence prevention, and youth development activities to students during nonschool hours.

Funds may be used for drug and violence prevention programs, like Botvin LifeSkills Training which can be implemented in an after-school setting.

Eligibility: School districts, public charter schools, municipalities, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and private corporations are eligible.

Deadline: Deadlines vary by state. Click here for full list of RFPs:

Preparing grant applications can be a bit challenging. Botvin LifeSkills Training offers several grant application tools to help you in applying for local, state, and federal funding.



E-cigarette ads reach nearly 7 in 10 middle and high school students

January 11, 2016

About 7 in 10 middle and high school students – more than 18 million young people – see e-cigarette advertising in stores, online, in newspapers and magazines, or on television and in movies, according to a new CDC Vital Signs report.  E-cigarette ads use many of the same themes – independence, rebellion, and sex – used to sell cigarettes. Advertising of tobacco products has been shown to cause young people to start using those products.  E-cigarettes typically deliver nicotine, which at a young age may cause lasting harm to brain development, promote addiction, and lead to sustained tobacco use.


For more information on CDC’s youth tobacco prevention activities, please visit

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