Alcohol Fund Advisory accepting Grant Applications

Alcohol-Ads-Still-Reach-too-Many-Teens-2The Alcohol Fund Advisory Committee gives particular consideration to applicants that propose to make a difference in the following categories: treatment, problem identification and referral; alternatives and activities; community-based change efforts; environmental approaches; prevention education and information dissemination.

The state of Kansas provides to cities and counties receipts generated from a special tax on liquor sales. A third of these receipts can be used for general government purposes, a third can be credited to parks and recreation, and a third is devoted to alcohol and drug treatment or prevention.

To manage the portion of the funds devoted to alcohol and drug treatment or prevention, the city of Garden City and Finney County empower an Alcohol Fund Advisory Committee (AFAC) to solicit applications and make recommendations for use of the local funds. AFAC distributes these funds in a manner that enables the group to monitor effectiveness. Applicants are expected to provide a description of how requested funds will be used and provide documentation throughout the year as to success in fulfilling their commitment.

Any person, civic group, not-for-profit agency or private entity will be considered for receiving funds, except for those that would qualify for the AFAC funds, Arts Grant funds, and those applicants that have the ability to levy funds.

For more details about any of these programs, or for applications, visit  Applications will be accepted until 4 p.m. Feb. 17. Mail or hand-deliver applications to: Jennifer Cunningham, Assistant City Manager, 301 N. Eighth, Garden City, KS 67846. If you have other questions, call Cunningham at (620) 276-1157.

Application deadline is 2/17/17

Visit for more info


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