Can parents help prevent drug-use and risky behavior in their kids?

Overwhelmingly YES! A study in the Journal of Child and Family Studies shows that family-based prevention programs can be an effective way to prevent adolescent substance use.

parent-workshop(Deerfield, IL Schools hosting LifeSkills Parent workshops, January 2017)

The LifeSkills Training Parent Program is proven to help families by strengthening family communication. Topics covered in the program include:

  • Family Communication
  • Parental Monitoring
  • Being a Good Role Model
  • Use of Appropriate and Consistent Discipline
  • Effects and Warning Signs of Substance Abuse
  • Taking a Clear Stand on Drugs

The program helps keep children from using drugs and engaging in risky behavior, is ideal for parenting workshops and is available in Spanish too.

Do you want to learn how to host these LifeSkills Parent workshops in your community? Register for this online training workshop on February 6th and become a LifeSkills Training Parent Program Leader.

Prevention works when schools, families, and communities come together!



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