$1.6 million in Grants available to Idaho Communities for Drug prevention

The Idaho Office of Drug Policy (ODP) is now accepting applications for grant projects aimed at preventing substance abuse in Idaho. Public entities and non-profit organizations are eligible for funding and encouraged to apply for grants totaling about $1.6 million annually to Idaho communities for substance abuse prevention programs.“We are excited to continue funding this grant program focused on the primary prevention of substance abuse,” ODP Administrator Elisha Figueroa said. “We know that the implementation of evidence-based prevention strategies by passionate, dedicated prevention providers and community members make Idaho a safer and healthier place to live, work and recreate. What’s more, these folks save lives.”

The federal grant funding is intended for direct service programs and community programs/activities designed to reduce the impact of substance abuse on Idaho youth, families and communities. The program’s goal is to create healthy environments by implementing comprehensive strategies for promoting positive, sustainable and lasting change. ODP endorses the following prevention strategies:

• Information dissemination about the nature and extent of drug use, abuse, addiction and the effects on individuals, families and communities.

Prevention education and training that provides specific skills to participants.

• Alternative activities for youth that exclude drug use and promote healthy lifestyles.

• Community-based processes that enhance the community’s ability to more effectively provide prevention services.

• Environmental strategies that establish or change community standards, codes, laws, policies, norms and attitudes, thereby influencing consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in communities.

• Problem identification and referral to identify those who may be misusing or abusing substances in order to provide resources and refer them to treatment, if necessary.

ODP recognizes that local communities are powerful places to shape the health, safety and well-being of children and families, so it strives to support evidence-based programs that impact every region of Idaho. To advance those programs, the agency will accept grant applications for fiscal year 2018 until March 24.


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